Personal Injury/Wrongful Death


Injury claims are among the most hotly contested legal disputes. Large and sophisticated insurance companies use their vast resources to aggressively defend against these claims at every stage and at every expense. Accordingly, it is imperative that an injury victim obtain the services of competent, qualified attorneys as soon as possible.

Kraft, Wood & Kelly, LLC has the resources, knowledge, and skills necessary to level the playing field and successfully neutralize the inherent advantages of insurance companies.

Kraft, Wood, & Kelly, LLC handles injury claims of all types, including:

  • Vehicle collisions
  • Semitrailer collisions
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Falls (slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall claims)
  • Construction injuries
  • Dog attacks and dog bites under the Animal Control Act
  • Dram shop claims related to the negligent serving of alcohol
  • Product liability claims
  • Professional negligence claims (including both medical malpractice and hospital liability)

“We take it personally when an insurer mistreats victims of negligence, and we dedicate our practice to righting the wrong you’ve suffered.”

Early Investigation And Prosecution Gives Us An Edge

At Kraft, Wood & Kelly, LLC, we pride ourselves on the early investigation and prosecution of personal injury claims, taking action before insurance companies and businesses can gain an advantage.

Our experienced lawyers know how to handle your case from beginning to end, which includes pre-suit investigation, filing the personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit and all aspects of trial: discovery, jury trial of your case, and if necessary, appellate review of the case all the way to the Illinois Supreme Court. Your case will be handled by the same attorney from beginning to end — an experienced trial lawyer who is personally and professionally committed to representing you.

We handle cases involving a full range of injuries, including brain injuries/head injuries, spinal cord, neck and back injuries, broken bones, burns, scarring and disfigurement. We also represent the surviving families of people killed in accidents of all kinds by filing wrongful death lawsuits in Illinois courts.

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