Firm Overview

Kraft, Wood & Kelly, LLC

Formerly Thomson & Weintraub LLC; New Name, Same Quality Legal Services

For more than 80 years, our law firm has been recognized as a leading Central Illinois law firm located in Bloomington, Illinois. Starting with our founding partner, Chester Thomson, and continuing with quality partners like Alan Weintraub, Kathleen Kraft, Gina Wood and Terence Kelly, our highly credentialed and skilled team of trial attorneys have been dedicated to providing top-quality representation to clients in Bloomington-Normal and throughout the state of Illinois.

The lawyers at our firm have received numerous professional honors. Among our ranks are attorneys who have been named in Illinois Super Lawyers magazine, honored as a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, and recommended by peers as Leading Lawyers for the Leading Lawyers Network. Our attorneys commonly publish legal articles, speak at continuing legal education events, take leadership positions in legal organizations and serve the community.

A Team Of Attorneys With Specific, In-Depth Knowledge

Kraft, Wood & Kelly, LLC is a full-service law firm. While our lawyers each focus on a select number of practice areas, we work as a team to meet a broad spectrum of clients’ needs across multiple areas of law. This approach allows us to bring in-depth knowledge and extensive experience to the cases we handle, while truly meeting our clients’ diverse needs.

Lawyers at Kraft, Wood & Kelly, LLC represent clients in matters such as family law, personal injury, workers’ compensation, real estate law, criminal defense and estate planning. This has paid off. Our attorneys have obtained settlements and jury verdicts in excess of a million dollars for clients in medical malpractice cases, personal injury cases, and other civil litigation. We have established a reputation as a leading law firm in Central Illinois.

Some of our accomplishments include:

  • A settlement for $1.25 million in a wrongful death case involving a bicyclist being struck and killed by a truck
  • A $1.1 million jury verdict in a malpractice claim involving a failed total knee replacement
  • A $1 million verdict in an employment discrimination claim involving the Americans With Disabilities Act
  • A $1 million settlement in a medical malpractice lawsuit involving a failure to timely treat cardiac ischemia leading to a heart attack and death
  • A jury verdict of nearly $1 million in a psychiatric malpractice lawsuit involving suicide
  • A $700,000 settlement in a birth injury medical malpractice lawsuit

(Please note that past results do not guarantee or imply future outcomes.)

True Litigators, Forceful Advocates

As attorneys, our ethical obligation to our clients is to provide competent and zealous representation. We take this obligation seriously. When we handle a legal matter, we approach it forcefully and with an unparalleled commitment to excellence. We are true litigators who are members of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association. We do not hesitate to take matters to trial, and we fully prepare to advocate for our clients in the courtroom.

While it is becoming increasingly common for cases to be resolved through alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation or arbitration, our focus on trial preparation helps us obtain the best possible results for the clients we represent, no matter what strategies are ultimately used to resolve their cases.

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Kraft, Wood & Kelly LLC, is located in the heart of historic downtown Bloomington. To schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your case, contact our Bloomington, Illinois, law firm toll free at 309-829-7069.